COSA. Intervenir un cuerpo (THING. Intervene a body) is the piece that closes my trilogy on ILLUSIONISM, a research that has led me to think about how illusion connects with the essence of theater, exposing on the stage convention and magic, reality and its double, action and fiction. This research, which began in 2017, involves the pieces !AY! YAY! (2018), a research on perceptual images thought from the body and “The Watching Machine” (2020), a research on perceptual images thought from light, shadow and reflection.

On this occasion, in COSA, we investigate the perceptual images from the scenographic. To do this, we have thought of the body as another material, reifying it to the point of turning it into a prop.

COSA is a dance piece composed by an objective dance body.

The choreography of things.

Original idea: Macarena Recuerda
Creation: Macarena Recuerda, Jorge Dutor and Maia Villot
Performers: Macarena Recuerda and Maia Villot
Costumes: Jorge Dutor
Lighting: Ana da Graça
Space: George Marinov.

A production of Antic Teatre (Barcelona).

With the collaboration of: Basque Government, Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), Conde Duque (Madrid), La Caldera (Barcelona), Réplika teatro (Madrid), Harrobia (Bilbao), Zornotza Aretoa (Bizkaia ) and D 8 Sorkuntza Faktoria (Bilbao).