©Pil Christoffersen

“Greenwich art show” tells the story of a photographer, a woman and a city using photographs taken by the main character between 1942 and 1945.
The show has been conceived as a biopic of the photographer and one of the women who serendipitously appears in several of his supposedly documentary images.
This coincidence brings up the possibility that this photographic reporter, perceived as one of the founding fathers of candid photography, was pretending to portray the reality of the streets and calling himself a photojournalist when in fact he was creating staged shots with actors in the manner of artistic photographers.

A performance by Macarena Recuerda Shepherd.

With special assistance from: Gorka Bilbao and Vicente Arlandis.

Also taking part: Bernardo Cubría, Gerardo Rodriguez, Elizabeth Romanski, Manu Morales, Mariluz Vidal, Pau Aguilar Amorós, Jaime Puerta and Ulku Tekten.

Coproduced by: MiCarteraPatrocina, Festival Neo, Festival TNT (CAET) and Antic Teatre.

With the support of: El Graner and Mercat de les flors.

This project has received the Atrio grant from Alhondiga Bilbao.

©Imma Quesada

©Jordi Valdivieso