Piece-Workshop (Composing images with bodies and objects on stage)

“Collage and Action” is a participatory piece that develops in three parts: a board game, a stage play and a debate. The public, composed of adults and/or children, must organize themselves, listen to each other and create a piece as a team.

“Collage and Action” is a space to build new realities. What would happen if we changed the name to the objects? What if we gave them other uses? What if we imagine that a body is an object and an object is several bodies? What if when moving a chair it sounds like a horse or if a microphone stand smells like a flower?

“Collage and Action” is a game with rules where the participants do not compete, but only create.

The piece is a self-workshop with game format.

The first part is a board game that helps us build a common universe around the idea of scenic collage. The second part is a scenic game that follows through a video tutorial projected on a screen. This one proposes to build a scenic collage collectively. With everyday objects such as tape, signboards, furniture that can be found in a rehearsal room, our bodies and some sounds, we will compose a piece as a team. The piece ends with a debate animated by a card game that asks us questions about participation, collaboration and art.

“Collage and Action” is part of the research process of Macarena Recuerda Shepherd’s last work. A residence-laboratory which intends to count on the participation of the audience as co-creator. Investigate intergenerational relationships, the piece as a creative and non-expository encounter, and inquire into this new language that she has called Happening-collage.

Intergenerational and participatory piece

Duration: 80 min approx

Maximum number of participants: 36 people

Family, child or youth audience (+6 years)

This piece has had the collaboration of: Josunene, Gorka Bilbao, Nikola Zoilo and Marta Galán.

With the support of:  Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao Eszena, El Graner, Sala Baratza and Dantzan Bilaka.

©Jordi Valdivieso